HypeDAO presents:
Terminus, a show of global digital art
Featuring live DJ/VJs
Zeitwarp, livestreaming from UK
The Tune, livestreaming from Nigeria
Digital artists from Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, China, Thailand, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, UK, Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil

5701 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, California, USA
Friday June 14, 2024, 6-9pm

Update: Online VR galleries will be available later this summer (pending some bug fixes on the app)

Livestream gallery tour Saturday June 15, 7am PDT on Twitter Spaces ( https://twitter.com/PixieSnakes ) and Discord ( https://discord.com/invite/bvCKefCh ) If can manage to do it on Telegram too I will but not entirely sure how that will work ( https://t.me/hypedao )

About us

We are an international creative collective based on the NEAR blockchain. Hype DAO began in August 2021 to create hype! about NFT art.

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